It's the PayPal status of the payment. Here are the most common values:

  • Completed: The payment has been completed, and the funds have been added successfully to your account balance. 
  • Denied: You denied the payment. This happens only if the payment was previously pending. 
  • Failed: The payment has failed. This happens only if the payment was made from your customer’s bank account. 
  • Pending: The payment has been made successfully, but the funds are not added to your account balance yet. Usually PayPal sends you an email with the instructions on how to unblock the money. 
  • Refunded: You refunded the payment. 

Kapipal is not responsible for handling the status of the payment, since the money transactions are processed by PayPal. Check out the PayPal documentation for more info. 

PayPal status is displayed only for the donations received after October 1, 2011.